SyVento BioTech Attends BIO International Convention 2023

SyVento BioTech is currently participating in the BIO International Convention 2023. The organization’s representatives at this event are Business Development Manager Dr. Oskar Szelest, R&D Director Dominik Lipka, PhD Eng., and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Tomasz Piec.

This convention is hosting over 15,000 biotechnology and pharmaceutical leaders from around the world, providing an opportunity for attendees to network, discover new opportunities, and form partnerships in various life science fields such as drug discovery, biomanufacturing, genomics, nanotechnology, and cell therapy.

Dr. Oskar Szelest, with his extensive knowledge in biotech solutions, is currently engaging in conversations about potential collaborations. Dominik Lipka, the driving force behind the organization’s R&D initiatives, is sharing his insights into drug discovery, biomanufacturing, and genomics.

Tomasz Piec, with his wealth of experience and strategic foresight, is contributing to discussions about the future of the biotechnology sector. His experience is valuable in the diverse engagements at the convention.

SyVento BioTech is part of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) joint booth 3453. A perfect spot for discussing drug discovery, genomics, and strategic vision in biotech.

Anticipating the formation of beneficial collaborations and further advances in biotechnology, SyVento BioTech looks forward to continuing the conversations and collaborations initiated at BIO2023.