SyVento BioTech is a biotechnology company offering comprehensive services in the development of lipid-based nanocarriers
and LNP technology.

We specialize in the development of lipid-based formulations for pharmaceutical products, including RNA-based drug products. Our unique in a global scale end-to-end service gives the opportunity to design and implement projects to encapsulate and deliver therapeutic molecules such as small molecules, RNA, DNA, and proteins to targeted cells or tissues.

Our expertise includes the development of liposomal formulations, RNA synthesis, and finally cGMP production in our state-of-the-art facility, along with support service at all levels of product development. Thanks to many years of experience in the development of liposomal carriers, our R&D team guarantees that each project will be delivered successfully.

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Pursuing our aspirations to become a global leader in providing unique and comprehensive solutions, we have established the most advanced Biotechnology Research and Development Center in this part of Europe, which on the one hand meets the most stringent quality requirements of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry (cGMP), and on the other hand provides a huge potential and flexibility to implement many projects at one time.

SyVento BioTech’s Research and Development Team is located near Kraków, Poland, where the extensive knowledge in biotechnology and nanotechnology meets the deep understanding of the business. 100% of the research team members have PhD in life sciences –mainly biotechnology and chemistry.

R&D and Production

The complex includes:

  • 564 m2 of social and office area
  • 541 m2 of GLP laboratory zone
  • 537 m2 of sterile (cGMP) pharmaceutical production zone
  • 646 m2 of non-sterile pharmaceutical production zone
  • 1478 m2 of warehouse zone (divided into relevant cGMP sub-zone)

Every day we improve the quality of human life and the environment we live in by development of life-changing liposomal formulations.

Our Values

At SyVento whatever we do we are guided by following ethical values

Bussiness Orientation

We work with dedication to build up the success for our patners


We are committed to achieve expected outcomes


We are open and honest without expectation


We work on improving our technology expertise and delivering the highest quallity


We are engaging in social projects, charity events and support non-governmental organizations

Our Partners

Together with our Partners, we unite to create innovative and game-changing solutions, share knowledge and build value.

We Care

At SyVento whatever we do we are guided by following ethical values.

Join our Team

We are constantly looking for individuals who want to participate in the development of safe and effective solutions that improve the quality of patients’ lives and environment around the world.

Current Offers: 4
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