SyVento BioTech is delighted to announce the appointment of Kajetan Bartosik as its new Chief Executive Officer.

With over 16 years in leadership at the MS Galleon Group, Kajetan Bartosik is renowned for building and leading top-performing teams. His time underscores his unwavering commitment and expertise. He’s successfully set up and transformed businesses, whether launching a cutting-edge materials plant, leading a top automotive company, or establishing a thriving insurance brokerage in Europe.

Having successfully laid a strong foundation, SyVento BioTech is ready for global expansion and strategic growth. With the groundwork in place, the next step is to maximize our potential and elevate operations. Kajetan, with his impressive track record, is perfectly suited to lead SyVento BioTech to its peak, making the most of our strengths and global opportunities.

Kajetan’s ability to multitask, ensuring organizations run seamlessly, and work effectively with top-tier executives makes him an invaluable asset to SyVento BioTech.