We are proud to look back on our participation in the recently concluded 13th International Scientific Conference on Alkaptonuria (AKU) that took place in Bratislava, Slovakia. This significant event brought together AKU researchers, academics, and clinicians from all over the world.

Our team was represented by our R&D Director, Dominik Lipka, PhD Eng., and the BioTech R&D Team Manager, Olga Długosz-Grochowska Ph.D. While we don’t specifically conduct research into Alkaptonuria, we found immense value in engaging with the broader scientific community and learning from the research presented at the conference.

The focus of our team’s work lies in developing advanced delivery systems that have the potential to revolutionize patient care across various medical conditions. At the conference, Dominik and Olga had the opportunity to share insights into our innovative approach and learn about the latest advancements in AKU and other related fields.

The conference served as a rich platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange. Our participation underscored our commitment to advancing science and enhancing patient care, catalyzing the journey from lab to real-life applications.

We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers for hosting such a well-prepared conference and providing a platform for open discussion and knowledge exchange. We also extend our appreciation to everyone who attended and contributed to the dialogue.

We look forward to future opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing with the global scientific community and remain committed to our mission of leveraging science to improve patient outcomes across various health challenges.

Stay tuned for more updates on our innovative work in drug delivery systems and upcoming engagements.