Genetic Platform

SyVento BioTech’s R&D Team offers technical and scientific support throughout the entire process, including advice on troubleshooting and optimization of RNA synthesis conditions. Our RNA synthesis proficiency guarantees successful results in downstream applications.

The unique features of our genetic platform for ribonucleic acid (RNA) synthesis services include:

High Purity
High Quality
High Repeatibility

Our mRNA synthesis service produces high quality mRNA based on your sequence designs. From pre-clinical development to commercialization with our comprehensive portfolio of products and services proven to meet critical process, scale, quality, and regulatory needs we can assure you to deliver the highest quality synthesis of ribonucleic acids.

IVT reaction: RNA is synthesized using a template DNA, T7 RNA polymerase, NTPs and other cofactors necessary for the reaction.

TFF: the mRNA is then filtrated by TFF to remove free nucleotides and enzymes from the IVT reaction.

Capture: using an HPLC oligo(dT) column, mRNA is captured thanks to its polyA tail, and all other impurities are removed.

Polishing: using Prima S HPLC column, the dsRNA can be separated from the ssRNA and be eliminated.

TFF 2: RNA is concentrated, and the buffer exchanged for correct LNP encapsulation.

Sterile filtration: the purified RNA is sterilized using a filter.

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The history of RNA research is a story of groundbreaking discoveries and remarkable advancements in our understanding of genetic material and its potential applications in medicine. Beginning in 1961 with the discovery of mRNA and its function, the field has evolved significantly over the decades, with key milestones such as the development of liposome-mRNA formulations in 1978, the discovery of RNA interference in 1998, and the first FDA approval of an RNAi-based therapy in 2018.

The emergence of mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 in 2020 further demonstrated the power of RNA-based medicine, paving the way for continued innovation and development in this area. As we look to the future, the potential applications of RNA-based therapies continue to expand, offering hope for new treatments and preventative measures against a wide range of diseases. SyVento BioTech builds on this rich history of RNA research, playing an active role in shaping the landscape and developing innovative RNA-based therapies.

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